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Rewiring is a process of partial or complete replacement of the wiring in your Property.
It may be required due to bad condition of the wiring or some force majeure circumstances.
Problems with the wiring may cause fires or damage to electrical appliances.
That is why it is strongly recommended to check the wiring every 3-5 years and make necessary replacements on time.

With years of experience in rewiring domestic properties P&Q Electric has mastered the art of completing a project in good time to minimise inconvenience.
All Domestic Electrical jobs are fully tested and certified to ensure full compliance with Building Regulations -
Part P Electrical Safety of Dwellings
Design and installation:

P&Q Electric can supply a full design service if you require advice on how best to tackle your project.
The installation in domestic properties is often very straight forward and with clever planning along with professional design, a design and installation process, tailored to the needs of the client, can be delivered.
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Safe domestic electrical rewiring:

The average recommended time between a rewire of an electrical installation is 25 years, all houses should have their electrical systems checked every 5-10 years.
Modern technology is moving fast, and the demands for electricity are evolving even faster.
To meet these changes, we use modern equipment - meaning the domestic rewiring process is quick and safe.
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